CELEBRATION - Discover, explore and celebrate the Jewish life that was
ANALYSIS - Question, understand, and gain insight into the demise of Jewish life in Eastern Europe
ANALYSIS - Question, understand, and gain insight into the demise of Jewish life in Eastern Europe
Search for Knowledge - "And you shall teach your children"
REVITALIZE - Revive the institutions of Jewish life through study and commemoration
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A Letter from Michael Berl, Director of Heritage Seminars

As the era of the Holocaust Witness comes to an end, the search for knowledge about the Jewish past that was Eastern Europe becomes an imperative.  There is a critical need to seek roots, to question and find answers about an event that defies logic and understanding.  In the search for our past, we gain strength and identity for the present and renewal for the future.

The study of the heritage of Eastern European Jewry and the Holocaust should be a vital and integral part of Jewish Education. Our educational philosophy is that in order to appreciate the magnitude of the Holocaust, one must first appreciate the magnitude of Jewish life, tradition and culture that existed prior to the Holocaust.  Heritage is not a “pure” Holocaust seminar.  It is a synthesis of approaches that includes History and Spirituality, knowledge and insight, and the confrontation of issues. It is a return to beginnings, to the lives of our grandparents, to the scholarship that has become the pillar of education, knowledge, and ethical/moral standards for us all.

We invite you, your school and community to consider joining Heritage and the over 12,000 participants who have experienced this unique singular event.

With the Blessings of Jerusalem,

Michael Berl

Michael Berl
Heritage Seminars


  • The lessons we learned and the knowledge we gained in such a short amount of time is incredible

    A. London
  • I thank you so much for giving me a chance to do my small part-as a living witness-to tell what I went through and what I saw

    Yitzchak Wargon – Holocaust Witness
  • You have reawakened the “Heritage” in all of us, and you should know how successful you have been in accomplishing your goal

    B&J Weinberg – Young Israel of Scarsdale
  • There in Poland, is the least place I expected it, I became a better person

    T. Friedan
  • Thank you for allowing me to have this unique experience to go with both my father andmy Zaidy.  The staff was exceptional and you should be proud of the work you do.

    A. Samuels
  •  It was also clear, however, from the times at which you spoke, that the ultimate message you wanted everyone to take away was a positive one, and one which can serve to drive, inspire and ignite future generations to use the horrors of the Holocaust as a springboard for strengthening not only Jewish identity, but as a basis for everyone to build up their own leadership and ability to make a difference

    M. Mays
  • I will never forget the past week of my life. I believe that the last 55 years were just a prelude to the week in Poland. You made it possible for me to face my past as well as my future. Somewhere my grandparents are smiling and saying thank you for visiting our last place on our earth and for your tefillot on Tisha B’Av

    B. Pollack
  • I just wanted to say thank you for what had to have been the most amazing, meaningful, and perspective-altering experience I’ve had to date

    E. Eisenberg
  • My time in Poland was intense, challenging, and completely transformative. I was able to fill in the holes in my understanding of the Shoah, in terms of the history, places and people involved. Also, I was able to gain a new appreciation for the vibrant Jewish life which once existed in pre-war Poland.

    L. Schuchart
  • I don’t think that a single person can go on Heritage and not come out a changed person

    T. Garbow