25th Anniversary Yeshiva Seminar

Dear Parents,

Shalom Rav from Heritage Seminars,

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Heritage Yeshiva Seminars, Heritage #25 will be a 7 day seminar, with an optional program to Prague. We invite you to join your children for this unique and extraordinary journey.

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Heritage #25 Poland Seminar –April 11- 17, 2016

Return to Tel Aviv – April 18 AM

Heritage Optional Seminar in Prague

April 10, 2016

 Heritage has added Day #7 of programming at a minimal increase of $50 to our 2015 fee.





Fees include:

All flights, and land Arrangements, 4 Star Hotels, Glatt Kosher Mehadrin Food -3x daily

Resident Masgiach Kashrut, Heritage Historians, Educational and Administrative staff, Medical Staff, Security staff in Poland, Deluxe buses, All Entries to sites, All Gratuities, Medical Insurance, Orientation Package and Advanced Preparation, Heritage Gift

Fees do not include:

Cancellation Insurance, Visa preparation (if necessary), Transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport

What’s Included in the Heritage Itinerary:

In and around Warsaw: The Warsaw Ghetto Areas, Jewish Cemetery, Nozyk Synagogue, The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Rappaport Memorial, Umshlagplatz. Gora Kalvaria (Gur), Lodz, Tikocyn and Lupachowa Forest

In and around Lublin:  Kotzsk, Lublin, Yeshiva of Hachmei Lublin, Cemetery of the Choseh, Lublin Ghetto, Krashnik, Ishbitz, Wlodowa, Zamosc

In and around Galicia and Krakow: Krakow, Synagogues: The Remah (shul and cemetery), Kuppah, Isaac and Temple, Beis Yaakov, Sarah Schneier, Goeth House, Schindler Factory, Apothecary, Galicia Museum, Plazsow, Bobov, Tarnow, Zbilatovska Gora, Bzsesov, Dzailoszyce, Lancut, Lezajsk

The Camps: Treblinka, Majdanek, Chelmno, Belzec, Auschwitz. Birkenau, Sobibor

In Prague: Alt- Neui Synagogue, Jewish Synagogue- Precious Legacy Tour, Maharal Cemetery, Chevra Kadisha, Prague Castles, Golden Lane, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Bus Transfer to Warsaw.



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