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22nd Yeshiva Seminar – March 12 – 18, 2013

This past March, 315 Heritage participants joined the 22nd Yeshiva Seminar.  More pictures coming soon…

Heritage High School Seminar 2013

This past February the Heritage High School took place, including the Magen David High School, Hillel Yeshiva, and the Westchester Hebrew High School. More pics coming soon

Heritage Yeshiva Seminar 2012 Bus 103, 104

70 women from Tiferet, Machon Maayan, Michlelet Esther, Baer Miriam, Bar Ilan and Nishmat, led by Historian Rabbi Yizchak Rubenstein, and educators, Rabbi Michael Bramson, Merryl-Lee Abraham, and Shira Lichtman Photo Credits – Shira Lichtman

Heritage Yeshiva Seminar 2011 Bus 100, 101

80 women from Shaalavim for Women, and Midreshet Moriah lead by Historian, Vicky Berglas, and educators, Rabbi Jason Knapel, Michal Porath Zibman, and Dr. Jonty Maresky for the 21st Heritage Yeshiva Seminar photo credits – Shira Lichtman

Day #5 – Heritage Yeshiva Seminar

Day #5- Shabbat Last night in the Krakow Temple- A spiritual happening to say the least! All 315 of us- Brov Am- at the Heritage Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat. Rabbi Shalom Weisberg led the Tefillot. His extraordinary voice filled the auspicious Krakow Temple. The singing, dancing and hitromimut ruach were uplifting and electric. Zmirot in the respective hotels embellished the [...]

Day #4 – Heritage Yeshiva Seminar

Day #4 on Heritage- Erev Shabbat The Men awoke at 5 AM, and departed for a full day experience at Auschwitz Birkenau that included the traditional Heritage Silent March to Birkenau commemorating all the death marches, Shacharit at Birkenau, a 4 hour guided tour of Birkenau a 2 hour tour Auschwitz I, and the inspirational guiding of Rav Krieger [...]

Day #3 – Heritage Yeshiva Seminar

Day #3 on Heritage The Men spent their day “shetl –hopping”. First stop was a powerful experience at Belzec – the “forgotten” camp that murdered nearly 550,000 Galician Jews. Walking the “tunnel” was both powerful and intimidating.  They then saw the majestic shul in Lancut, visited Markowa and finished with a singular spiritual high – [...]

Day #2 – Heritage Yeshiva Seminar

Day #2 on Heritage We all got an early 6 AM wake up and were on the road by 8 AM. Buses 100, 101,103,104  and completed touring Warsaw’s Jewish sites. Rabbanit Esther Wagner, our Holocaust Witness, joined the seminar today, traveling with Bus #102 to Tikocyn and Lupachowa. Buses #103-104 drove to the shtetl [...]

Day #1 – Heritage Yeshiva Seminar

Hello from the Heritage Reporter in Warsaw Poland on Day #1   Arrived in the middle of the night in cold Katowice Poland – all 315 of us. Michael Berl, Security Staff, and 8 Buses were waiting for us. The Men departed for Warsaw for the Nozyk Synagogue.Bus #102, who arrived several hours before- began their day #1 at the Warsaw Cemetery. Buses [...]

Welcome to Heritage Seminars!

Welcome to the Heritage Seminars Blog. In an effort to keep you posted as to the day to day activites of the participants of the Heritage 22nd Yeshiva Seminar, you are invited to check out our blog to get better insight as to the daily activities of our participants. Stay [...]

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