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University Students

With the generation of Holocaust witnesses lingering, and Holocaust denial on the rise, the study of the heritage of East European Jewry and the Holocaust should be vital and integral part of any educational institution. Heritage is suggesting forming a “Group” for a 5-7 day seminar in Poland with an option [...]

Synagogue Communities

For the most part – parents and grandparents have not been afforded an opportunity to discover European Jewish history in Poland. Our commitment to connecting people to their ancestral roots has resulted in our creation of custom-designed program for adults. We invite you to consider forming a “group” who would [...]

Overseas Yeshiva/Seminary Students

As a yeshiva student studying in Israel, Heritage will embellish your knowledge, scholarship  strength and identity by focusing on religious leadership, community, personalities, that will add insight and depth to your total experience in Israel.

Non-Jewish Organizations

As the era of the Holocaust Survivor /Witness is fast coming to an end, we believe strongly in on- site study and analysis of the Holocaust for all people of all backgrounds and orientations. In a world filled with turmoil, Holocaust denial, Holocaust revisionism, violence and intolerance, the lessons learned [...]

Family Experience Seminars

Interested in connecting to family roots in Eastern Europe? Want to learn more about your family on-site? You are invited to arrange a personal Seminr for your family to Poland. Contact us at

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