The Facts About Heritage

  • It’s the Synthesis of Torah Scholarship, History, Knowledge, Spirituality and Insight
  • It’s about Noted Historians, and Esteemed Educators
  • It’s about itineraries that accent the world that was, Discovery sites, and the world of your grandparents
  • It’s about 27 years of Experience in Logistics and Organization
  • It’s about over 14,000 students from 35 schools and universities
  • It’s about Holocaust Witnesses and Righteous Gentiles
  • It’s about a spiritual Shabbat in Krakow
  • It’s about entries to special sites normally not found in standard itineraries
  • It’s about Orientation Programs in advance of the seminar
  • It’s about Israeli Security and Medical Staff
  • It’s about Glatt Mehadrin food services and centrally located hotels
  • It’s about medical coverage for all participants
  • It’s about a one day option to majestic Prague
  • It’s about a seminar under the patronage of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • It’s about the coming together of people to study, identify, and renew strength

Heritage – Because You Will Do This Only Once


What is Heritage About?

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