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Welcome Students!

We trust that your Heritage Seminar will fill you with knowledge, insight and new awareness for our commitment to the Jewish Nation and the State of Israel. Below are frequently asked questions. Please click on a question to view the answer.


What is the weather like?

Very Cold!! Bring lots of layers!

What are Family Ties?

We ask that prior to your Seminar to Poland that you research family roots.  There are times that one may visit the town/house/shul that your relatives once lived in.  It will make your seminar more meaningful.

What can you expect in Poland?

  1. The Heritage Staff to be professional, concerned, and ready to assist you in every way.
  2. The Polish personnel to be considerate and helpful.
  3. The Hotels to be clean and functional and the food to be fresh and plentiful.
  4. The days to be long and intense.
  5. The weather to be cold – even uncomfortably so.


What is important to bring?

  1. It is highly recommended to bring 2 copies of the picture page of passports
  2. Make sure to have appropriate clothes for the Polish Winter. Assume snow, ice, cold. Assume long periods of touring and study off the bus.
  3. Pack personal medicines and emergency numbers
  4. Family Ties information
  5. Pack a Diary/Journal and writing materials. Recommended to bring ziploc bags for your journals in case of rain
  6. Recommended to bring music
  7. Pack NOSH
  8. Siddur, Tefillin, and Shabbat attire-as necessary
  9.  Camera

Where do you stay?

  1. 3-4 star hotels
  2. Double occupancy
  3. Private shower and bath
  4. Assume that you will be staying in up to 3 hotels

What kind of food is served?

  1. Glatt Kosher food from three sources: Israel, Vienna Austria, Poland
  2. Heritage supplies 3 meals a day

What is Heritage About?

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