Heritage Seminars Salutes the participants and parents of the 25th Heritage Yeshiva Seminar, and wishes everyone a safe and meaningful journey

Letter From The Director

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As the era of the Holocaust Witness comes to an end, the search for knowledge about the Jewish past that was Eastern Europe becomes an imperative.  There is a critical need to seek roots, to question and find answers about an event that defies logic and understanding.  In the search for our past, we gain strength and identity for the present and renewal for the future.

The study of the heritage of Eastern European Jewry and the Holocaust should be a vital and integral part of Jewish Education. Our educational philosophy is that in order to appreciate the magnitude of the Holocaust, one must first appreciate the magnitude of Jewish life, tradition and culture that existed prior to the Holocaust.  Heritage is not a “pure” Holocaust seminar.  It is a synthesis of approaches that includes History and Spirituality, knowledge and insight, and the confrontation of issues. It is a return to beginnings, to the lives of our grandparents, to the scholarship that has become the pillar of education, knowledge, and ethical/moral standards for us all.

We invite you, your school and community to consider joining Heritage and the over 15,000 participants who have experienced this unique singular event.

With the Blessings of Jerusalem,

Michael Berl

Michael Berl
Heritage Seminars

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