Non-Jewish Organizations

As the era of the Holocaust Survivor /Witness is fast coming to an end, we believe strongly in on- site study and analysis of the Holocaust for all people of all backgrounds and orientations. In a world filled with turmoil, Holocaust denial, Holocaust revisionism, violence and intolerance, the lessons learned from such a study are now an imperative for all who value the ideals of truth, respect and tolerance. As journalist and commentator Glenn Beck who recently participated in a Heritage Seminar commented-“The study of the Holocaust is the study of ultimate courage versus ultimate evil and must be addressed by all who cherish freedom, tolerance, and the rights of man”.

We invite you to consider forming a Heritage Seminar for your community and membership. A “group” constitutes 30 people and includes 1 free chaperone /educator. A seminar can range from 5-7 days. Fees are evaluated based on group size, level of accommodations, staff, and length of the seminar.


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