Parental Yeshiva Seminar Waiver 2020 – Men

Parental Waiver Form and Consent

Dear Parents,

We are pleased that your son/daughter will be participating on the Heritage Yeshiva Seminar. Please read the below information carefully. Participant registration will be considered incomplete without signature to terms and conditions.


  • $350 deposit must be submitted by November 27th, 2019. Please note: Heritage cannot guarantee reservations submitted after this date.
  • Final fees must be submitted by January 20th, 2020

Cancellation Policy:

  • From the beginning of registration100 days prior to departure, $200 per person is non-refundable in an event that the number of participant decreases.
  • 100-60 days prior to departure – 50% of transaction nonrefundable.
  • From 61-14 days prior to departure 75% of total transaction nonrefundable.
  • After 14 business days prior to departure – Full Charge.


Passports must be valid at least 6 months before departure. If you hold an Israeli passport, you must travel under both passports.

It is understood and agreed that Heritage Seminars may cancel a registrant’s participation in the seminar for reasons of disciplinary infractions. Said participant will be required to return to their point of origin at their expense and with no refund of fees.


Our participants are insured by Shirbit Policy “P”, for participants who have not been previously hospitalized, do not require daily medication, or have deteriorating health issues 6 months prior to departure.

Any participant who has been hospitalized within the last 6 months, has a chronic illness, or requires daily medication must report such on the application. Any change in medical conditions must be reported in writing including conditions occurring after submission of application so that the policy can be adjusted as necessary.

Without notification, we cannot guarantee proper insurance. Insurance does not cover emotional conditions.

It is recommended that expensive equipment such as video cameras, musical instruments etc. be insured as well. In the case of lost or damaged items while abroad, it will be necessary to submit a statement by the local police.

Price does not include transportation to and from Tel Aviv Airport, personal expenses of any nature such as beverages, phone calls, taxis, etc. and any service or supplement this proposal does not mention

Parent Waiver Yeshiva Seminar 2020 - Men


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