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Heritage High School Seminar 2013

This past February the Heritage High School took place, including the Magen David High School, Hillel Yeshiva, and the Westchester Hebrew High School. More pics coming soon

Heritage Yeshiva Seminar 2012 Bus 103, 104

70 women from Tiferet, Machon Maayan, Michlelet Esther, Baer Miriam, Bar Ilan and Nishmat, led by Historian Rabbi Yizchak Rubenstein, and educators, Rabbi Michael Bramson, Merryl-Lee Abraham, and Shira Lichtman Photo Credits – Shira Lichtman

Heritage Yeshiva Seminar 2011 Bus 100, 101

80 women from Shaalavim for Women, and Midreshet Moriah lead by Historian, Vicky Berglas, and educators, Rabbi Jason Knapel, Michal Porath Zibman, and Dr. Jonty Maresky for the 21st Heritage Yeshiva Seminar photo credits – Shira Lichtman

Heritage Throughout the Years

Pardes Seminar 2010

Historian Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper accompanied a group of post College students from Pardes for a 5 day Seminar to Poland.

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