Sample Itinerary

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All Itineraries are custom designed to the requirements of the group.

Day #1- Warsaw: Ghetto Life and Revolt

AM – Jewish Cemetery / Ghetto Wall Areas

Nozyk Synagogue- Meet with Chief Rabbi of Poland

Heroism Street- Mila 18/ Umshlagpltatz

New Museum of the History of Polish Jewry

Evening Session: Meeting with Jewish students in Warsaw

Day #2-Treblinka – The Art of Deception

Tikocyn/ Lupachowa Forest

Treblinka / Commemorative Ceremony

Jedwabne – The Hidden Secret of the Jews of Jedwabne

Evening Session: Family Ties

Day #3- The Torah Life of Lubin/ The Horror of Majdanek

Lublin Ghetto

Headquarters of Operation Reinhart

Cemetery of the Choseh of Lublin

Yeshiva of Chachmei Lublin / Chevrutah

Majdanek /Ceremony

Evening Session: Reflections of a Witness

Day #4- Galicia- The World of the Chassid


Lezajsk- The Rebbe Elimelech





Remah Synagogue

Krakow Old Town

Preparations for Shabbat / Kabbalat Shabbat/ Seudat Shabbat

Day #5- Shabbat- The Jewish Community of Cracow


Tour of Synagogues: Kuppah, Temple and Issac Synagogues/ Mikvah

Seudat Shabbat

Meeting with Pani Paulina Kishilevska – Righteous Gentile

Galicia Museum

Seudah Shlishit /Havdalah

Zbilatovska Gora Mass Graves- In Tribute to the Children or special Melalve Malka in the original Beis Yaakov School

Day #6 – Sunday – Kracow and Galicia

Ghetto Wall, Schindler Factory


Novy Korcin


Day #7- The Planet – Auschwitz

Auschwitz I- Darota Jak – Auschwitz Specialist

Silent March to Birkenau

Birkenau Seminar/Closing Ceremony

Closing Evaluation Session
























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